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Bangladesh Rural Improvement Fund (BRIF)
Through community development BRIF endeavors to raise the socio-economic condition of numerous disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in northern Bangladesh.
[Details] | [NGO Non Government Organizations]
[Views: 956][Visits: 114404][Id: 330658]

Dr. Muna Shalima Jahan

[Details] | [Doctor - Obstetrics Gynaecology]
[Views: 13][Visits: 222][Id: 367576]

Nexus Sweater Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

[Details] | [Clothing - Wholesale Manufacturers]
[Views: 13][Visits: 852][Id: 374890]

Karnaphuli Edible Oil Ind. Ltd

[Details] | [Vegetable Oil Mills]
[Views: 13][Visits: 258][Id: 341494]


[Details] | [Garments Buyers(Foreign)]
[Views: 22][Visits: 497][Id: 350294]


[Details] | [Sweets (Misti) Desserts]
[Views: 21][Visits: 1183][Id: 374266]

Bangladeshi Garments Stock Lot Buy Sale Market
Bangladeshi Garments Stock Lot Buy Sale Market
[Details] | [Business Stock Excahnge & Securities]
[Views: 397][Visits: 518][Id: 335135]

Aqua Group

[Details] | [Group of Companies (Bangladesh)]
[Views: 9][Visits: 585][Id: 349005]

[Details] | [Website Design Development Services]
[Views: 56][Visits: 183][Id: 378853]

Popular and reliable old Bangla News paper. A news paper agency serving Bangladesh news for decades.
[Details] | [News Papers]
[Views: 4374][Visits: 888908][Id: 334389]

Daily Inqilab
Popular Bangla news paper. Also another old daily news paper in Bangla. Inqulab serves news with a particular brand and flavour of its own.
[Details] | [News Papers]
[Views: 3124][Visits: 836260][Id: 334390]

Ashraf Group

[Details] | [Group of Companies (Bangladesh)]
[Views: 6][Visits: 650][Id: 349250]

Ejuty Match Making
eJuty understands the importance of bringing two people together for a permanent relationship, in this case, marriage. We therefore are risking this project to help community where people are being isolated from each othe
[Details] | [Online Match Making & Social Network]
[Views: 699][Visits: 4056][Id: 332922]

Saptagram Nari Swanirvar Parishad (SNSP)

[Details] | [Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)]
[Views: 16][Visits: 190][Id: 347367]

Banglalink Point (Customer Care & Service)

[Details] | [Mobile Cellular Telephones]
[Views: 14][Visits: 1383][Id: 356690]

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